Caleb Ely

Web Developer

SouthernHacks 2.1


  • February - March 2021
  • Website

SouthernHacks is the official hackathon of the Georgia Southern University College of Engineering and Computing. Started in 2020, the hackathon has received positive reception from within the college and university as well as from participants, students, and sponsors.

Due to measures taken by the university in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SouthernHacks 2021 was forced to become an online-only event. Such a transition required many things to be changed up, including the official website. Unfortunately, the professors and students who would normally maintain the website were unable to tend to it as necessary for the revamped format.

As I am friends with the aforementioned professors, as a favor to them, I took it upon myself to overhaul the SouthernHacks 2.1 website. Using the given existing logo and specific existing graphic elements, I redesigned every aspect of the site, including typography, layout, and images. Taking advantage of newer web platform feaurtes, such as custom properties and JavaScript modules, I created responsive, reusable, manageable, and easily revisable components that were able to be easily applied to pages created after I completed the redesign.

In addition, I created an original, custom-written photo gallery and lightbox that could be used to display photos from previous events. The gallery and lightbox are fully keyboard-accessible as well as mobile-friendly.

The new website has been praised by everyone involved with the hackathon.


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