Caleb Ely

Web Developer



  • Over 7 years experience
  • Extensive experience since 2013
  • Python, JavaScript, PHP, REST API
  • HTML, CSS, Tailwind CSS
  • Docker, Flask, MySQL/MariaDB
  • Active open source contributor
  • Detail-oriented and technical-minded


Georgia Southern University
  • 2020 Summa Cum Laude
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Fusion Auto Finance
  • Software Engineer
  • September 2021 — Present
Georgia Southern University
  • IT Services Junior Developer
  • March 2018 — October 2020


#vss365 today
  • January 2019 — current
  • A Flask-based web app to provide a full archive of the Twitter-based #vss365 daily writing game. Backed by a custom REST API that integrates with the Twitter API to find the latest writing prompt and Mailgun Email API to deliver daily email notifications. Website GitHub
SouthernHacks 2.1
  • February — March 2021
  • Created visual design for the SouthernHacks 2.1 hackathon event website. Used existing event logo and basic site structure to guide a complete overhaul of all existing content, including layout, colors, sizing, and text design. Additionally revised copy text to better explain event theme, motivational goals, and sponsor involvement opportunities. Also created a fully keyboard compatible photo gallery and lightbox for highlighting previous events. Website
Georgia Southern Directory
  • April — July 2019
  • Developed an updated replacement to the existing outdated, PHP-based, high-traffic faculty and staff diretory. Using Flask, simplifying the search criteria, utilizing AJAX requests, designing a new MariaDB database, offloading Oracle database dependency to a daily background process, and building a full-featured administration panel, the revamped Directory received high praise across the university. Website


VSS365 Anthology: Volume One Georgia's Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology Wiregrass 2019 Calliope XXXVI The George-Anne Miscellany Magazine
  • Miscellany @ GS
  • March 2019 — "Angel" (poem)
  • April 2019 — "Though I Hurt, I Love" (poem)
America's Emerging Poets 2018: Southeast Region