Caleb Ely

Web Developer

A Web developer with over 4 years combined experience in Python, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML/CSS/SCSS.


If you are looking for someone who can write extraordinary code, I am the developer for you! Check out my portfolio and published work to see all I have done, download my resumé, and contact me today!

Why, hello there!

I am Caleb Ely, a 22 year old programmer, Web developer, occasional video game player, and all-around technology fan harkening from Georgia, USA. I am very detail-oriented and technical-minded, constantly seeking out good, beneficial, and efficient coding techniques. Because of my programming knowledge, capabilities and eagerness to learn and expand my skills, I have been called a programming reference guide!

I have a small blog where I predominantly write about Website design, development, and general technology. A strong supporter of open source software, I believe some of the best software currently available is open source. That is why I both actively use and contribute to open source projects as well as open source the majority of my own work.

I began programming in January 2013 by teaching myself Python, and in September I enrolled at Southeastern Technical College, obtaining my Associates of Applied Science in Website Development and graduating with honors in December 2015. I am currently enrolled at East Georgia State College working on my Bachelor's degree.

To me, programming is not about trying to write something that will be picked up by some big corporation and bought for lots of money. Instead, it is about doing my job in the most excellent way possible and making the product work so well that users never have to think about how or why it works, it just works.

Yes, I have social media.

If you have any questions, comments, or simply want to say hi, you can drop me a line! I need many more words here to add at least two or three more sentences. Having only one sentence for this large section is not at all good. Without them it feels rather... lacking and empty.